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Oxford Open Water Hydrogen Two Oxygen Heritage Boat Journeys

Hydrogen Two Oxygen

The highlight of the Oxford Open Water festival week was the world premiere of our new commission 'Hydrogen Two Oxygen', Oxford's new water music, which is a response to the importance of water to human life.

bigconcertinascjonathanwinter_1.jpg dsc_0725flamingboat_2.jpg dsc_0749asgold_3.jpg
dsc_7406auculduloup_4.jpg dsc_7438lily_5.jpg dsc_7452umbrellas_6.jpg
dsc_7478andrewnick_7.jpg flamingboatcjonathanwinter_8.jpg h2omusicianscjonathanwinter_9.jpg
hydoxy5cdavidfleming_10.jpg hydoxy10cdavidfleming_11.jpg musiciansstandcjonathanwinter_12.jpg
stageandvideoscreendesertcjonathanwinter_13.jpg stagewithfireworksabovecjonathanwinter_14.jpg waterpipesprojectioncjonathanwinter_15.jpg

Photographs of Hydrogen Two Oxygen Rehearsals and setting up


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